My first blog post!

A warm welcome to anyone who would like to read my blog. I am passionate about the Lake District, it’s people and in particular the many farmers i have worked for over the last thirty years as an auctioneer and land agent.

This will also be an opportunity to comment on many current events that are affecting the Lake District and its people. I suspect most people who read this will do so because they  like farming or they like The Lake District. in my opinion farmers hold the key to the entire future of land management in this area and throughout the country. Who else can successfully manage the land, produce great food, care for and enhance the environement, our water quality, flora, fauna and habitat.

Farmers offer a great deal of benefits in return for a small amount of investment. I hope we can explore this as we go forward.

So that’s it for now. i hope you enjoy my work. Please feel free to respond.

Best Wishes


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